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On-Line Special
T-6 1.32 A/R  Exhaust 500-1050HP
Free Shipping

$639.99  Free Shipping  (To Lower 48 States Only)
Turbo Specs:
Compressor Inlet - 5 Inch
Compressor Outlet 4.21 Inch V-Band
Compressor Wheel Inducer/Exducer - 75 x 100mm with ETT
Turbine Wheel Inducer/Exducer - 96 x 87mm

Turbine Inlet - T-6 Divided,
Turbine Outlet - 5 Inch Marmon V-Band
Turbine A/R - 1.32


Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Performance Modules now Available

The Truck Edition Heavy-Duty (T.E. HD) module controls Timing, Fuel, Boost, and other vital engine parameters to optimze the combustion of the engine. This not only increases the power of the engine by up to 30%, But reduces fuel consumption by 10-20%.

Unlike other modules that only add fuel, T.E. HD add timing to keep EGT's close to stock levels even with the added power. T.E. HD modules do not flash your ECM, Instead the module receives the signals from the ECM and then optimzes the signals going to the enigine to improve performance and efficiency.

T.E. HD is constantly monitoring the engine more than 100,000 time per second to ensure that the engine is running at optimal performance. And the load based tuning allows for Timing and Fuek to be added progressively as needed.

The Module is adjustable on-the-fly with a 4 position switch for Stock, Fuel Economy(10%), Fuel Economy plus Power(20%), and Power(30%)

Plug and Play, No cutting ot splicing wires

Product does not defeat emission controls

Light-Duty Diesel Truck Performance Modules now Available

The Truck Edition module can increase your power up to 60hp over stock all while delivering fuel economy benefits of 1 to 2 mpg. They are dyno tested to a 20k load so we can ensure that you are towing safely. Adjustable four position switch lets you select between Stock, +20, +40,  or +60 hp. Plug and Play module design. There is no cutting or splicing to connect. Truck edition modules only use quality factory connectors


Now Available for Caterpillar C13/C15 Twin to Single Turbo Conversion


Cat Performance Turbochargers for C15, C16 & 3406E Applications


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